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Alabama Hands & Voices staff are all experienced parents of deaf or hard of hearing children, or professionals in the deaf/hard of hearing community. We are ready to support you in your own journey.

Program Staff

Parents guides are assigned by region or by specialty depending on the needs of the family. GBYS Referral


Kristi Appleton

GBYS Coordinator

Parent Guides

Joy Liveoak

Montgomery, South Alabama

Amber Roberts

Central Alabama

Yari Hernandez

Central Alabama

Meghan Hendrick

Central Alabama

Susan Prince

South Alabama

Sandy Hargrove

North Alabama

Jennifer Baker

Central Alabama

Raquel Alas

Central Alabama

ASTra Coordinator

ASTra advocates are assigned depending on the needs of the family by the ASTra coordinator. ASTra Referral

Marcie Coker

ASTra Coordinator